Our Work

In business brand management is critical. To propel your company you need a plan.

Business owners often get mired in the details of the day-to-day. Sometimes you need to take a step back to see the bigger picture.

Together, we can focus your goals and achieve them.

Our Specializations

Marketing & Social Media

Strategy is key to efficiency. Together we look at what has been working for your business and build on that foundation. Don’t know where to start with social media? We break down each platform, helping you understand the potential benefits and opportunities that they pose for your business.

Sales Lead Generation

Good sales development and pipeline management mean that you have a steady and constant flow of new clients coming in the door. New leads need time to heat up and you need to manage sales at all levels of development. Together we can develop a strategy to maintain a steady stream of new clients.

Project Management

As a certified EMERIT Event Planner and with experience in business development in the public and private sector, Sarah has guided clients through product development, expansion and government lobbying. Client-focused and goal-oriented, she will keep your project on track and moving forward.

Sarah Zaharia

Sarah ZahariaSarah Zaharia is a business development specialist with over ten years experience. Most recently having worked in Interactive Digital Media with New Media Manitoba helping companies expand and develop their markets her work has also included development roles in the Life Science, Biotechnology and International Trade in both the private and public sectors. Communication strategy is critical to all market development and Sarah’s work as a columnist for the Sun, a blogger and prolific social media user make her uniquely positioned to assist you in your communications strategy.


Headshot-Modern-Pixel-September-2013 I have really enjoyed working with Sarah, she is such a great connector in international trade development. Many successes, including Sundance, have come as a direct result of her willingness and ability to facilitate introductions on our behalf and I appreciate all her hard work.

~David Smith, Trade Commissioner, Canadian Consulate General

Headshot-Modern-Pixel-September-2013 We worked with Sarah for nearly a year to help develop a standalone product. Sarah is a natural strategist and a savvy marketer. She asked the most difficult questions with grace and integrity and pushed us to our limits with lots of levity and dollops of glee.

~Andrew Boardman, Designer, Owner of Manoverboard

Headshot-Modern-Pixel-September-2013I recruited Sarah as one of my key vendors helping me shift from a freelance (but incorporated) construction industry professional to a practicing Alternative Dispute Resolution consultant (in construction). Sarah provided leadership to me and the other vendors through redesign of my web site and especially through redesign of my own approach to marketing and sales. She knows how and when to push me past my personal barriers.

I would highly recommend Sarah to others in the circumstances in which I found myself: we don’t know what we don’t know and we are ready to be coached.

~Roy McPhail, President of Almitra

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